Oh!!! Marriage

According to the religious perspective marriage is compulsory and we are obliged to fulfill this obligation,once I used to be very found of this shit


but now after being a bit matureI’m like….


why should I have to do that …why???? I’m very happy as being single I don’t wanna get marry, why should I have to tolerate that headache (monstrous Husband) :/ Today in this 21 century women are independent enough to earn their livelihood and can do anything without taking help of man but what my mom says at some point of life woman feels the need of man as to protect her from the bad apples. 😐

But mom you also says,”How would you spend your married life as you have no tolerance for the crap? ” It means I’m not eligible for that shit,right here you have mistaken me I do have that caring and compromising nature if i would have someone who would value me,respect me and mature enough to handle me because young boys who are up to my age are not my cup of tea 😐

So,till then I’m happy as single ‘coz I have yet not found any one who can be my soulmate.


4 thoughts on “Oh!!! Marriage

  1. tolbert says:

    Good for you! Whatever it takes to be happy, follow that path…life is too short to do things just to see the rest of the world smile their ‘stamp of approval’…

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