There are certain things which we cannot avoid no matter how much you try to divert your attention some where,just because we are slaves of desire that our heart and mind remains wander until or unless we get what we want . Although I know very well l can’t get that even it’s not good for me either but still it has disturbed me alot . Oh I need to be very patient :/



When unintentionally something worse happen and where there were your no intention to offend someone but even though that someone feels so and in return say something which you have not expect,that really hurts 😦 And it even hurt you more when that someone don’t talk for weeks and don’t even asked are you got hurt?? 😥 lt’s a very insensitive behavior of that someone ,who casually talk but don’t clear the misunderstanding :/ People should have to communicate and should clear the misunderstandings or else finish the whatever relationship you have with someone….because its annoying :/

Oh!!! Marriage

According to the religious perspective marriage is compulsory and we are obliged to fulfill this obligation,once I used to be very found of this shit


but now after being a bit matureI’m like….


why should I have to do that …why???? I’m very happy as being single I don’t wanna get marry, why should I have to tolerate that headache (monstrous Husband) :/ Today in this 21 century women are independent enough to earn their livelihood and can do anything without taking help of man but what my mom says at some point of life woman feels the need of man as to protect her from the bad apples. 😐

But mom you also says,”How would you spend your married life as you have no tolerance for the crap? ” It means I’m not eligible for that shit,right here you have mistaken me I do have that caring and compromising nature if i would have someone who would value me,respect me and mature enough to handle me because young boys who are up to my age are not my cup of tea 😐

So,till then I’m happy as single ‘coz I have yet not found any one who can be my soulmate.

Is it real or just another crush?


Do you ever think

When you’re all alone

All that we could be?

Where this thing could go?

Am I crazy or falling in love?

Is it real or just another crush?

Do you catch a breath

When I look at you?

Are you holding back

Like the way i do?

‘Cause I’m trying, trying to walk away

But I know this crush ain’t going away

Why do I keep running from the truth?

All that I ever think about is you

You got me hypnotized so mesmerized

And I’ve just got to know..

Do you ever think

When you’re all alone

All that we could be?

Where this thing could go?

Am I crazy or falling in love?

Is it real or just another crush?

Depression these days


I guess I don’t need to explain what depression is ,as this term is is very common among us not only we adults but children too suffering in this psychological condition in the modern age of competition .

Normally people thinks the basic reasons behind it are”failures” like when we failed to achieve our most desirable goal , when we get hurt by someone from whom we least expect the pain or when some one on whom we rely heavily breaks our trust.

Well they were the most common causes but actually what I think  is, as day by day the Man of this world doing various inventions and playing their  promising role in every feild either its is science or tecnology or film industry or beauty industry, to make the life even more comfortable and beautiful then before ,their desire to get those newly advance gadgets and luxurious or desire to look more beautiful or get someone one of their kind e.t.c desires are progressing accordingly and when they couldn’t get any of those they feel like shattered as nothing is left any more ,though life doesn’t cease here it goes on and on either our dreams get fulfill or not.

But what I feel is,at that depressing phase of our life we need someone who can listen to us, who can listen all that stupid stuff which actually get boiling in our head, at that time we need a sincere listener who not only could listen us  but also give sympathy and help us to get out from hell of solitude and loneliness and enjoy the life and enjoy what we have and spread the love and avoid what teases as depression is just the phase of life not the whole life.

People reads motivational quotes to feel better but my dear friends every thing is within you ,if u want to be happy you’ll feel it if you don’t want then not even quote can help you to make you feel like better.